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Welcome to the homepage of the Hydroclimatology Research Group at POSTECH. Please follow the NEWS about our research group activities and visit other web pages: Group Members, Research Projects, Publications, Photos, and Archive.

Hydroclimatology@POSTECH is currently looking for highly motivated graduate applicants.

Potential topics are 1) drought mechanisms, risk, and predictability, 2) large-scale land surface modeling with a focus on anthropogenic processes (dam and irrigation), 3) hydrodynamical modeling with underwater drone-based river bathymetry surveys, and 4) socio-hydrology with a focus on the dynamics of social response (potential triggers and growth and decay patterns) during emerging water-related disasters.

If you are interested, please contact me (jhkam@postech.ac.kr)

YouTube Channel (click): Check the videos from our recent research activities and publications.

(NOTICE) Photo and Content Credit from the HCR group website: Dr. Jonghun Kam



Dr. Park's recent work on Self-Calibrating Effective Drought Index (scEDI) was accepted in Journal of Hydrology (JIF: 6.7; 13/200 in Geosciences, Multidisciplinary). This paper was to investigate the impact of temporally self-calibrating on Effective Drought Index and compare the scEDI-based drought detection and associated social impacts from the drought reports from Annals of Joseon Dynasty and the online information search activity volume data from Google Trends and NAVER DataLab.

This study provided an insight for "social" drought impact assessment, the least understood drought type. Prof. Hi-Ryong Byun and Dr. Do-Woo Kim are co-authors of this paper. Prof. Byun invented Effective Drought Index, a daily-based meteorological drought index.

Great Job, Dr. Park!


Geeroo Kim joined our research group as a undergraduate research intern.

Welcome aboard, Geeroo!


Shahid Ali defensed his M.S.E. thesis successfully. His study about past and future changes in streamflow timing over Pakistan led to one manuscript in review.

Big congratulations to Shahid!


Jiam (MSE/PhD) got the first place best poster award among the 1st session posters during POSTECH X NAVER AI DAY 2022 at POSTECH.

His poster was about changes of NAVER users' interest in shopping items during the a series of the COVID-19 waves.

Good job, Jiam!


PreventionWeb featured our recent publication about Northwest Russia (click).

PreventionWeb is the global knowledge sharing platform on disaster risk reduction, managed by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR). It is updated daily and features news, publications, events, training and job vacancies. The site receives an average of 180,000 visits per month.


We presented our recent research works (three oral and one poster presentations) during the 2022 Korean Water Resources Association Conference.

Byeong-Hee (Postdoc. Associate) and Eunmi (MSE) received an outstanding oral and poster presentation award, respectively. Big Congrats to Byeong-Hee and Eunmi.


Our recent publication about Northwest Russia is highlighted from the mass media (동아사이언스, 전자신문, YTN 사시언스, 뉴스1, 매일신문, 경북매일).

Here is a YouTube Video from YTN 사이언스: <click>


Yena (MSE/PhD) received the KWANJEONG EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Scholarship for domestic graduate students. Big Congrats to Yena!


Dr. Kam's paper about Northwest Russia is published in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society's special issue of "Explaining Extreme Events of 2020 from a climate perspective" (JIF: 8.8 and Rank: 4/94 (Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences)).

This work focused on understanding how anthropogenic influences affect the record-breaking warm and wet winter 2019/20 over northwest Russia, using the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6).


Dr. Yulizar joins the HCR group. Before coming to POSTECH, he was a lecture at Universitas Pertamina, Jakarta, Indonesia. He was conferred M.Sc. and Dr.-ing from University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Welcome aboard!


Dr. Kam's paper is published in Risk, Hazards, & Crisis in Public Policy. The title of the paper is "Public awareness and perceptions of drought: A case study of two cities of Alabama". This paper is based on a case study of two cities that investigated how the public responds to drought through surveys.

Dr. Wanyun Shao (University of Alabama) is a corresponding author.

Shao, Wanyun, Kam, Jonghun, and Cass, Evan. 2022. “ Public Awareness and Perceptions of Drought: A Case Study of Two Cities of Alabama.” Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy. 1– 18. https://doi.org/10.1002/rhc3.12248


Our research group has four incoming students this Spring semester: Kwanghun Lee (PhD), Dar Murtaza Ahmed (PhD), Seunghee Choi (MSE/PhD), and Maria Tariq (MSE).

Dar Murtaza and Maria are recipients of the Korea Global Scholarship.

Welcome aboard to all!


Yeojin (MSE/PhD) and Jihun (MSE in AI) received the 1st place prize during the 1st POSTECH Smart Campus Data Competition. Big Congrats to Yeonjin and Jihun!


Anqi Liu (a Ph.D. student) received the 2nd place prize during the 1st POSTECH Korean speech contest. Big Congrats, Anqi! Good job!