8. 02/13/2021: Homigot and Haeparang Road

7. 07/24/2020-07/26/2020: POSTECH DESE Workshop at Ulleung-Do, South Korea

6. 06/25/2020-06/26/2020: Korean Water Resources Association Conference at International Conventional Center, Jeju Island

5. 06/21/2020: DongBaek Seom in Haeundea, Pusan.

4. 05/02/2020: Ganjeolgot (the easternmost part of the Korean Peninsula), Ulsan.

3. 04/18/2020: Pohang Marine Park and Pohang Corvette Experience Hall

2. 03/25/2020: Cherry Blossom Walk at Yeongildae near the POSTECH campus

1. 01/03/2020-01/05/2020: POSTECH Environmental Science and Engineering Faculty and Staff Workshop (Jeju Island)