Research Interests

Group Motto:

"We are pursuing the integrity in our scholarly works, the ownership of our intellectual properties, and the citizenship as a member of our group and community."

We strive to elevate the resilience of our society to hydroclimatic extremes and changes, pursuing research interests across the scales (catchment- to global-scale) and disciplines (hydrology, climatology, hydraulics, and social psychology). The detailed description of the research interests are in the following Research Projects.

However, we always keep an eye open on new research collaboration opportunities. If you are interested in our past and current projects, please feel free to contact us.

1) Hydroclimatology

1.1) Drought mechanisms, risk, and predictability

1.2) Detection and attribution of hydrologic changes over the globe

2) Large-scale land surface hydrologic modeling

2.1) Developing the scheme of anthropogenic processes

2.2) Developing an integrative water quantity-water quality modeling

3) Hydrologic forecasting

3.1) Improve the prediction skill over coupled human and natural systems

4) Hydrodynamics modeling

4.1) Surveying river bathymetry with underwater drones

4.2) Visualize the data to enhance public awareness of water-related disasters

5) Disaster Informatics

5.1) Social responses during natural disasters (drought, flood, and earthquake)

5.2) Modeling social dynamics during the water-related disasters