Dr. Akarsh Asoka Kumar joins our group through the POSTECH Initiative for fostering Unicorn of Research & Innovation (PIURI) Fellowship Program. Welcome aboard!


Dr. Byeong-Hee Kim joins our group as a postdoctoral research associate. He completed his Ph.D. under the mentorship of Prof. Ha at Pusan National University. Welcome aboard!


Yeonjin Son (MA/PhD) and Shahid Ali (MSE) join our research group.

Jihun Park (MSE, AI Graduate School) joins our research group.

Welcome aboard!


Another article from Princeton's contribution to the research fields of Water, drought and flooding. It presents Princeton's environmental excellence over the last half-century. I am very proud of my PhD study about US drought mechanisms and predictability under the guidance of Profs. Eric F Wood and Justin Sheffield (now at University of Southampton, UK).


On the Princeton Homepage, you can find a blog about a retrospective looking at the past half-century of climate modeling at Princeton [link]. This five-minute reading will make you understand the milestones of the half-century history of climate modeling at Princeton. Please check this blog if you are interested.

This long-lasting collaboration between the Princeton Atmospheric and Oceanic Science program and NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory is an exemplary collaboration between an academic institution and a government agency's research center to achieve one common goal, "Climate Modeling".

Numerous of graduate students and researchers at Princeton are all the beneficiaries through it. I am very proud of having my postdoc period there under the mentorship of Tom Knutson and Chris Milly.


Dr. Kam has a co-author paper accepted in Science of the Total Environment (JIF:6.5 and Rank: 22/265 (Environmental Science)). This work focused on understanding how people received the risk of flood and drought from the retrospective (past) and prospective (future) views via an integrated (quantitative and qualitative) assessment. The title of the paper is "Retrospective and Prospective Evaluations of Drought and Flood".

The author includes Dr. Wanyun Shao (lead author, Department of Geography at the University of Alabama).

07/01/2020: Dr. Kam participates as a co-Principal Investigator (co-PI) in a Basic Research Laboratory (BRL) project funded by National Research Foundation of Korea over 2020-2023. In this project, Prof. Kitack Lee is a Lead-PI and Prof. Sea Yun Kwon is a co-PI. The name of this team project is "Marine Carbon Variability Monitoring Technology Research Team (해양탄소변동 감시기술연구단)". We are seeking highly motivated MA, PhD, and MA/PhD students and postdoctoral research associates. So please contact one of the PIs if you are interested in this project.

06/23/2020: Dr. Kam has a co-author paper accepted in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (published by Springer Nature). Its JIF and Rank are not available. This work show big data can be used to improve earthquake under-insurance in Italy. The title of the paper is "Time windows of opportunities to fight earthquake under-insurance: evidence from Google Trends". The authors include Dr. Fabrizio Gizzi (lead author, The Institute of Heritage Science, Italy) and Dr. Donatella Porrini (co-author, Department of Management, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics at University of Salento, Italy).

05/27/2020: Sungyoon Kim (Yoon) has been awarded the Alabama Graduate Research Scholars Program (GRSP). This award can amount up to $25,000 per student. Yoon was Prof. Kam's former PhD student at UA, and he is currently under Prof. Mukesh Kumar's advisership. Great job and congratulations, Yoon!

03/11/2020: Dr. Kam is a guest editor of the special issue of the MDPI journal, Sustainability, entitled "Natural Hazards Insurance for Residential Properties and Built Heritage: Which Role in the Coming Years?" The submission deadline of this speical issue is January 31st, 2021.

02/06/2020: Dr. Kam gives a seminar about the role of river bathymetric surveys in hydrodynamic modeling: A case study of Lake Tuscaloosa Dam at the Korean Institute of Hydrological Survey, Goyang-si, South Korea.

01/13/2020: Dr. Kam gives a seminar about the social dynamics of drought awareness in Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering at Korea University.